A painting

You cannot paint without dark shades
There cannot be art without darkness.

I see colours
All bright and happy, ready for the canvas
But my hands don’t move
Disillusioned by dark shades.
Where does darkness fit?
In eyes? In hearts? Or in flaming souls?

A blue flame lit
I see my hands, once frozen, burn now
With the same fire she has
Darkness has warmth now
Darkness finds its place
As I paint the ultramarine soul of my love.

I’ll paint myself purple
For I resemble the amethyst vessels.
I have held her in my arms
Her intoxicating charm, I absorbed
She is my purpose and I, her shape
I see it in the light of my amethyst soul.

We blend in each other
To become art; Darkness rests
And so do our restless souls.
I touch the dark strokes
Ah! How they pleasure me!
The colours are now the orgasms of our souls!


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