All these years I ran from myself

They seem so wrong, all of a sudden

As you walk me back to my heart, to my lost self

The journey’s as beautiful as the destination

As beautiful as the hand that takes me through

I owe everything to the road that led me to you.

Now I see in the new light you show

You can help me find my dream

For I lost it in some battle I fought ages ago

I found myself both the culprit and the victim

Can  you find me a home in your loving eyes?

A haven for the heart you mesmerize.

I can put everything at stake

To have you by my side forever

All that I desire are those sweet moments you make

Every second you spend with me is worth fighting for

You’ve made enough to help us last here

Enough to take down everything we fear.

Just let me weep in your embrace

I need you through all that I face

Together, we can clean all the blood

From the land of roses.


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